I’ve been a pilot for 35 years. I’ve known Jimmy for 8. He sold our KingAir, Baron and a Cessna. Each sale went quickly, smoothly and without any surprises. Jimmy is highly responsive and available around the clock. His knowledge of airplane mechanics separates him from other aviation sales professionals and provides a basis of transparency and trust which is immensely helpful in this market. I highly recommend Jimmy to handle a wide variety of airplane sales from start to finish. All you do is collect the check.


Carter Rose

Cherokee Six.jpg

Our flying club, Air Tech Flying Club, decided it was time to upgrade to the next level of airplane.   It was decided that we would part with our beloved Piper Cherokee Six PA32-300.   We turned to Jimmy Hembree as our Sales Broker for the sale of the Cherokee Six. We found Jimmy to be great to work with.   He worked quickly to take pictures of all different angles and areas of the plane including a video of the plane taking off.   In no time, he had several interested buyers.  Jimmy worked with the interested buyers and our club to assist with the negotiations and ultimately the contract for the sale of the airplane.    We were very happy with the sales process and felt that we were able to obtain the sale price that we were hoping for.

We are happy to recommend Jimmy as a very capable airplane sales broker and will most certainly use Jimmy for any future airplane sales, and sale of club memberships. 

Rob Cahill


Family and career demands brought me to a hard decision recently.  After ten wonderful years of ownership, I decided to sell my 1964 Mooney.  Initially, I tried to sell the plane myself but this process proved much more difficult than I imagined.  From wasted time on email and phone inquiries to “no-show” meetings, I was frustrated and not having any success.  After taking the plane off the market a while, I decided to try again with a broker who could handle the process.  I wanted someone who had experience, was close enough to manage showings, and also had other listings of similar planes.  I found Jimmy Hembree online and scheduled an interview.  He answered my questions and demonstrated a level of professionalism that put me at ease.  I was impressed with the photo portfolio he prepared and I appreciated his critical review of some cosmetic issues that needed attention.  Within a week or so of listing online, he began to report inquiries and provided a weekly report on activity.  We got a fair purchase offer in about a month and Mr. Hembree did a great job of managing the paperwork and communicating with all parties.  He assisted with the pre-purchase inspection and helped navigate squawk negotiations.  The closing went smoothly and I was thoroughly satisfied with Hembree Aviation Sales throughout the experience.  I recommend them heartily.

Allen T.


I worked with Jimmy in 2017 to sell my Commander 112, and I couldn’t be happier. Jimmy was a tireless, prompt, responsive, and thorough broker, who made the entire process an amazing experience and ensured that we got the best price. I will absolutely be reaching out to him on my next plane sale or purchase. I would highly recommend Jimmy and his team!

Russell Cozart